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DTS Contamination Spill


Sub Surface have updated and improved their Desktop Study reports to make them more visually pleasing and easier for our Clients to comprehend and assess. The report cover has an updated and more modern design. An executive summary is now included and along with guidance on how the preliminary risk ratings are determined.

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Desktop Study reports are also commonly referred to as a Phase 1 Desktop Study, Desk Study, Phase 1 Desk Study, Contaminated Land Survey, Contaminated Land Assessment, Preliminary Risk Assessment, etc.

Executive Summary

Sub Surface have designed a bespoke Executive Summary to be published at the beginning of every Phase 1 Desk Study report. This will allow our Clients to quickly read and review the findings and recommendations of the report on one single page.

The Executive Summary will conclude by giving recommendations (if required) which must be carried out to discharge Planning Conditions, etc. There is also a separate section named ‘Other Considerations’. The Other Considerations are works which are likely to be required by Warranty Providers, Building Control, Structural Engineers, Developers, etc. at some point during the development. We have included these to ensure our Clients are aware of future works which are likely to be required and their costs. This will also save our Clients time, due to unexpected delays, and money, as it is much more cost effective to carry out all of the works in one visit rather than separate visits.

Front Cover

The front cover of our Phase 1 Desktop Study reports and all other reports have had an updated and modern facelift. The front cover is now a slick design incorporating a few Sub Surface Site Investigation Photos such as Cable Percussive Drilling, Window Sampling, Trial Pitting, Remediation, etc.

Preliminary Risk Rating Guidance

Preliminary Risk Rating Guidance has been included in the Appendix of the report which has been produced from CIRIA C552 ‘Contaminated Land Risk Assessment. A Guide to Good Practice’. This helps our Clients understand how the preliminary risk rating has been determined and the level of ground investigation which is required of each risk rating.

Future Changes

In the coming months a few more new features will also be added to our Phase 1 Desktop Study reports. These will include items such as: an OS Map Plans, recent and historical aerial images and a general raw data formatting update.

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