Hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from petrol stations, fuel spills, leaking tanks, industrial and manufacturing processes can migrate into the ground, beneath buildings, into confined spaces, the groundwater table or other controlled waters.

These contaminants can be detrimental to health by toxic and explosive concentrations of vapours, asphyxiation, skin contact and ingestion. Therefore the risks should be considered for any development or contamination situation.

If within the Desktop Study Report’s Conceptual Ground Model, Ground Investigation or contamination situation shows there is a potential for hydrocarbon or VOC contamination, or olfactory vapours are noted, a PID Survey and Monitoring should be carried out, together with sampling and laboratory testing.

After completion of any PID Surveys or Monitoring, sampling and testing, a risk assessment will determine if remedial measures are required whether to clean up the contamination or whether a vapour membrane is required within the proposed development.

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If you would like a quote for PID Surveys and Monitoring individually, or as part of a full Site Investigation or have any questions, please do don’t hesitate to call your Regional Sub Surface Office.

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