It is important for Foundation Design to know the groundwater levels on site. If the groundwater table is shallow, difficulties and increased costs may arise for shallow foundations from running sands, sophisticated dewatering and pumping, etc. The Groundwater levels are also important in choosing piling techniques and for calculating the total allowable working load for a piled design for basements and the construction of other underground structures.

We carry out Groundwater Monitoring as part of the Landfill Gas Monitoring, if landfill gas monitoring is not required, then if necessary we recommend standpipes are installed and the groundwater levels are monitored on at least two occasions.

If the site is an area potentially affected by tides, tidal data loggers can be incorporated within the standpipes and monitored over a period of time to assess the effect the tide has on the groundwater level.

Groundwater samples can be taken from the standpipes for Contamination Testing, and analysed for a suite of determinants to enable a Contaminated Land Survey and Risk Assessment to be written, where we will compare the results with the Environment Agency’s Environmental Quality Standards (EA EQS) and/or the United Kingdom Drinking Water Standards (UK DWS) to determine whether there is a potential risk to controlled waters, the underlying aquifer and human health.

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If you would like a quote for Groundwater Monitoring individually or as part of a full Ground Investigation or have any questions, please do don’t hesitate to call your Regional Sub Surface Office.

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