Geotechnical and chemical contamination laboratory testing are an essential part of site investigations, and here at Sub Surface within our in-house laboratory and specialist sub-contract laboratories, we offer a full range laboratory testing and reporting services.

Our in-house laboratory is staffed by our highly experienced and trained technicians to provide our Clients with a fast and reliable service, with high quality results to the relevant British and European Standards.

Our Contracts Manager for each region at Sub Surface can provide a site specific Geotechnical and/or Contamination Laboratory Testing Schedule based on the strata encountered, the type of development and the proposed foundation design for each Site Investigation to enable a Technical Report to be written to satisfy the Local Authority, Building Control, NHBC and of course the Client.

The types of Laboratory Testing we offer has been split into three categories, please click on the headings for full details of the testing we provide.

Geotechnical Soil and Rock Testing

Our laboratories are fully equipped to carry out soil testing to BS1377:1990 and rock testing to ISRM 1974-2006 including:

  • Geotechnical Soil Testing:
    • Classification Tests
    • Performance Tests
    • Shear Strength Tests
    • Effective Stress Tests
  • Geotechnical Rock Testing
  • Geotechnical Chalk Testing

Contamination Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of Chemical Contamination Testing and Reporting service at a UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratory, including for:

  • Phase 2 Site Investigation
  • Due Diligence Purposes
  • Signing off Planning Conditions
  • Topsoil and Cover Systems
  • Water Pipeline Risk Assessment
  • Validation Reports
  • Etc.

WAC Testing

We provide a step-by-step guide following the Environment Agency procedures for removing waste material from site to the appropriate landfill, with our Waste Classification Reports and WAC Testing.

Whom to Contact

If you would like a quote for Laboratory Testing individually or as part of a Site Investigation, please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Sub Surface Office.

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