Sub Surface provide Geotechnical Reports for retaining walls (proposed or failed) and basements, to provide safe and stable retaining structure designs nationwide.

Retaining walls and basements support the lateral loadings from the ground and therefore when a project includes the development of a retaining wall or basement, a Site Investigation obtaining geological information of the ground is essential.

With over 45 years’ experience we have been part of a wide range of retaining wall projects, ranging from small new retaining walls, to large scale catastrophic failures. These include all three different types of retaining wall designs, such as:

  • Gravity Retaining Walls – mass concrete, masonry, gabion, crib
  • Semi-Gravity Retaining Walls – cantilever, reverse cantilever, counterfort, buttressed
  • Embedded Retaining Walls – sheet pile, bored pile, diaphragm, king post

Retaining Wall and Basement Assessment

One of our experienced Engineers will design a site specific Ground Investigation depending on the proposed development, the geological setting and the project requirements to obtain the required geological information.

A typical small scale retaining wall at low risk of slope failure or basement development may include a Foundation Design, with associated laboratory testing to provide Earth Pressure Coefficients to be used in the design of the retaining wall or basement.

A typical large scale proposed or failed retaining wall development, may include the above plus a number of Slope Stability Analysis sections depending upon the specific requirements of the project.

Whom to Contact

If you would like a quote for a Site Investigation and Geotechnical Report with a retaining wall or basement involved or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Sub Surface Office.

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