Sub Surface provides Window Sampling (aka. Windowless Sampling, Dynamic Sampling or Mini Boreholes) throughout the UK for Geotechnical and Environmental Site Investigations, to provide information and soil parameters on ground conditions and to enable advice to be given on the most suitable Shallow Foundation Design for new developments and other Geotechnical and/or Geo-environmental aspects.

Window Sampling is a low cost drilling method commonly used for shallow geotechnical and environmental sampling. It is generally suitable for cohesive strata and some sands only.

The Window Sampler is a relatively lightweight, compact, mobile rig on rubber tracks for easy access on and to site and is ideal for sites with restricted access (narrow gates, inside buildings, slopes, etc.) or soft ground.

The sampler uses one-metre long extension rods and is driven into the ground by a percussion method using a drop hammer, obtaining one metre long plastic lined cores to a depth of up to 10m in suitable conditions (generally 6m), providing a full soil profile.

The ground bearing capacity can be determined within the Mini Boreholes from Standard Penetrations Tests (SPTs) and Cone Penetration Tests (CPTS) using the drop hammer. Core, bulk and jar samples will be taken for Laboratory Testing, Contamination Testing, and for our Engineers to log in accordance with BS EN ISO 14688-1 and BS EN ISO 14689-1.

On completion, the boreholes are backfilled and reinstated or standpipes can be installed for Gas Monitoring and/or Groundwater Monitoring.

Window Sampling Additional Options

In addition to standard Window Sampling, we can provide the following attachments and drilling rigs on request:

  • Rotary Concrete Coring Head
  • Dynamic Probing – for ground profiling
  • Narrow Window Sampling – 600mm width to fit through door frames
  • Remote Window Sampling – operated from 30m away for sites with very restricted access (basements, etc)

Typical Window Sampler Dimensions

Window Sampler dimensions vary and the dimensions in the drawings are approximate. All Dimensions should be confirmed prior to arrival on site. 600mm width and remote Window Samplers are available upon request for sites with restricted access.

Whom to Contact

If you would like a quote for a Site Investigation or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Sub Surface Office.

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