Sub Surface’s Website and Logo Redevelopment

The Sub Surface Group are proud to present their new website and logo, showcasing their comprehensive range of Site Investigation services and Geotechnical and Environmental Consultancy services.

Our previous website, was initially built in 1998 by David Ravenscroft-Jones, a pioneering state of the art modern website, later updated in 2007 (as shown). In the last 20 years, technology, the internet and how people work has advanced massively leaving the website unfriendly for search engines, dated, more content and a complete revamp to get us back up into the twenty first century.

There were two main aims of our website:

  • To make the website useful for Sub Surface’s Clients. Showcasing the services offered and the process involved, to help Clients understand their project requirements and different aspects of Site Investigations, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering.
  • To produce a perfectly turned modern company website, which is optimised for search engines to generate natural organic results within Google and Bing. This in turn would allow Sub Surface to grow as a company.

After a year of hard work, learning how search engines work and a lot of content writing by David Marsden and David Ravenscroft-Jones (as they say ‘Go Big or Go Home’) the website was ready to be built. Sub Surface teamed up with Pumpkin Web Design based in Preston, Lancashire to build and part design the website who did an amazing job and we would highly recommend them.

Time will tell how the website performs, hopefully you like it.

If you have any questions about the website or any improvements from a visual or SEO perspective, please email David Marsden at

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