In-Situ Testing and Monitoring

Sub Surface can offer a wide range of in-situ testing, monitoring and instrumentation facilities through our network of local offices.

In-Situ Testing

The in-situ testing undertaken by our technical staff and experienced drilling teams include:

  • Standard and cone penetration testing.
  • Dynamic probing.
  • Field shear vane testing.
  • In-situ CBR testing.
  • In-situ density tests (Sand replacement and core cutter methods)
  • Plate bearing tests.
  • Ceramic tipped piezometers and groundwater monitoring standpipes.
  • Well pumping tests.
  • Soakaway tests.
  • Settlement gauges.
  • Slope indicators and inclinometers.
  • Gas membrane CQA validation reporting

The range of monitoring services we can offer includes:

  • In-situ sampling and testing of soils, wastes, leachates and waters.
  • Installation of landfill gas monitoring standpipes (single point and multi-point).
  • Installation of groundwater and leachate monitoring standpipes, including multi-layered well screen.
  • In-situ monitoring of spike probes for landfill gases (e.g. methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen etc.)
  • Installation and in-situ monitoring of spike probes for landfill gases.
  • Gas sampling of standpipes using Gresham tubes.
  • Photo Ionisation Detector (PID) surveys for volatile vapours.

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