Sub Surface Group - Case Studies.

  • Case Study 1

Waste Management Licence surrender and full Ground Investigation for residential housing development.

Contract Cost: £60K

Clients: Napthens Solicitors and Briery Homes

Sub Surface successfully negotiated the surrender of an outstanding Waste Management Licence with the Local Authority and the Environment Agency for the Vendor's solicitors on a tight timescale which allowed the land to be sold onto Property Developers.

We provided cost savings to the client in the order of £800,000. We then provided a full design and investigation service to the purchaser of the site. Phase I, II and III investigations and risk assessments were carried out for the purchaser along with a detailed foundation design which had to deal with Peat and soft alluvial clays.

We negotiated the remedial strategy for the site which was agreed with the regulatory authorities and the proposed development of apartment blocks and detached properties is currently under construction with a significant cost reduction for the developer.

  • Case Study 2

Pre Acquisition Survey and data Peer review.

Contract Cost: Less than £1K

Client: Commercial Property Investor

Sub Surface were provided with information obtained from the client who was looking to purchase a site for investment purposes. They wanted to ensure that the potential environmental risk was minimised and to ensure any investment was protected. As experts in environmental liability we are ideally suited to the translation of technical data into regulatory and legal liability and can provide guidance for land and property investment.

On review of the reports we concluded that the investigation data supplied was not sufficient to fully characterise the risk involved in the site acquisition, especially as the site itself was a well documented chemical weapons research facility. We provided a design for an investigation which would allow the risk to be better defined. On the basis of our advice our client did not purchase the site, avoiding a potentially significant environmental liability.