Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Site Investigation Specialists and Consultants

Laboratory Testing

Sub Surface Laboratories offer a full range of laboratory testing services. Our laboratories are fully equipped to carry out soils testing to BS1377:1990 and are staffed by highly experienced and trained staff to provide reliable and high quality results.

The wide range of tests able to be carried out include:

  • Classification tests
  • Chemical tests
  • Compaction related tests.
  • Compressibility, permeability and durability tests.
  • Consolidation & permeability tests.
  • Shear strength tests (total stress)
  • Shear strength tests (effective stress).
  • Provision of site laboratories and staff for in-situ testing.
  • Rock tests.
  • Chemical analysis of contaminated soils and waters.
  • Analysis of leachates and groundwaters.
  • Asbestos testing

Other testing can be carried out by our preferred sub contractors at discounted rates.

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